The Difference Between Tactic Plate Carrier And Soft Armor

The tactop plate carrier is one of the favored gear in the special forces and other law enforcement personnel for their protection of their vests. Vests are a very useful gear that most people have on their backpacks because they are made from extremely durable, soft armor that protects the wearer in case of an impact or in case of an emergency. Although vests were originally designed for protection against rifles fire, it was found that they are also useful in case of an attack and used as batons by the police and soldiers. Although the vest is one of the first inventions of humans, the vests have been in use since the ancient times and the technology of soft armor or hard armor plates has also changed a lot over the years.

This modern tactical plate carrier is used by both the army and the police and civilians who prefer carrying small sized firearms, like pistol and rifle. Soft armor can be used in case of an accident but hard armor plates are required during combat. Although vests are the original choice of civilians for carrying their firearms, nowadays, many people prefer hard armor plates that protect them from an attacker’s sharp weapons or other impacts. An attacker who is armed with a sharp weapon and is prepared to fight for a long time may not be worried about wearing a vest, but he may still try to shoot at you using his gun. If you are not careful enough, you may suffer a bullet wound.

In such cases, you will require a hard armor carrier that can protect your vital organs and vital tissues. A vest that protects your vital organs is the best and ideal option because you do not want to be left on the ground until the medical personnel arrives. If you are also carrying a gun, the attacker will think that you are not alone and thus move closer to you so that he can attack you more fiercely. If you are not careful enough, you may end up becoming the victim as your assailant shifts his attention from you to the other persons who are in the store. So, while a vest protects your vital organs, a taco plate carrier can ensure your safety.