The Only Armor That Works is Armor That Is Worn

A tactop plate carrier is a specific type of vest designed especially for military and law enforcement personnel for quick, easy deployment. They are commonly used in conjunction with other tactical gear including backpacks, MOLLE/MOLLEX modular backpacks and backpack armor systems. A tactical plate carrier typically consists of a high-comfort full color front cover plate, padded shoulder straps for additional comfort, and hook & loop closures. Usually one can find these carriers in black, tan, desert and woodland colors. A couple of popular companies producing this type of equipment are Tactical Gear LLC and Simbati.

Backpack armor systems are one of the most common forms of protective gear utilized by deployed soldiers because they offer an affordable alternative to traditional backpacks. A tactical backpack armor system consists of individual vests that are designed to be quick-swaddled for easy transport to a combat situation. Some backpacks have been known to cost upwards of $600.

There are many options available when it comes to low-priced, high-quality body armor. It’s important that you arm yourself with knowledge about what is available so you can select the best protection for your needs. Remember, the only armor that works is armor that is worn. Ghillie suits offer the most durable and long-lasting armor options and are lightweight and highly concealable.