The Tactic Plate Carrier – Perfect For Hunters, fans and Other Outdoorsmen

The Tactic Plate Carrier is a utility belt that attaches to your regular work pants with an adjustable buckle. This carrier has been a proven and tested product that can be used for a variety of situations, such as work-related soft armor vests, or any type of tactical vests. The belt is made of high quality high tensile powder coated webbing and has many uses, and the carrier comes in several different styles. They come with Velcro straps and offer the convenience of a belt but also have additional features such as a two way radio for keyholders, padded back packs, a hydration pack pocket for your water bottles and lots more. This soft armor carrier offers fast and easy access to your gear and allows you to carry them with comfort. This carrier has plenty of storage space for your cell phones, keys, pens, letter openers, flashlight, and more.

If you like to work in a hot climate, or you just like to be out in the open when it’s hot then the Tactic Plate Carrier is perfect for you. When you put on your vest, you are going to be able to wear your vest all day long because the vest will muffle the sounds, and protect your clothes from flying debris and keep your hands comfortable. If you are looking for protection and a little extra space then the hard armor vest is perfect for you. The hard armor plates are going to give you plenty of protection from small knife cuts and other hard impacts. You don’t need to worry about your body armor being torn or cut when you are working outdoors in these dry, hot conditions.

The Vests also come in a nylon and leather blend. The leather blends offer a nice combination of comfort and protection because of the material used. Another great feature of the Tactic plate carrier is that it is a fully adjustable carrier, so you are never going to get lost out in the woods looking for a suitable place to anchor your gear. The carrier can be adjusted from chest high to arm high, making it very convenient for your every day work.